We offer Marquee´s:

Arab an Indian Bedouin Tents

The Arab tents are made of strong crude and white cotton on the outside and inside of golden colored patterned material. The tents are 100% waterproof, have a good insulation and a comfortable indoor climate, without condenser water. The sides of the tent can if wished be partly or totally removed. The Beduintents can be rented in 5 sizes.Depending on the table arrangement: A tent 5 x 5 m provided seating for 24 to 27 persons. A tent 8 x 5 m provided seating for 40 to 50 persons. A tent 12 x 6 m provided seating for 70 to 80 persons A tent 15 x 8 m provided seating for 100 to 140 persons. A tent 18 x 9 m be seating for 180 people comfortably. The Indian Marquee are made from the finest materials with the outer 15 oz marquee canvas being treated to ensure that is both waterproof, rot proof and also fire retardant. The decorative inner linings are made of 200gsm cotton. These tents are also offered in 5 sizes: 6x9m, 6x12m, 9x9m, 9x12 and 9x18m. We only hire out Indian tents between June 1st. and September 30th.

New Tent Liner

Standard white vinyl frame tents have been an industry standard for decades. They are a readily available and inexpensive way of tenting a larger event.

We carrie Linings from Garg Tent two trans-form the convenient but aesthetically wanting frame tent into a veritable palace. The ceiling together with walls or arches, drapes and covers coil creates a stunning space.

The Gargtent tent liner system can be used in most standard frame or pole tents. Garg Tents can decorate the exterior of frame tents including using unique brackets two teams scalloping, lamps and golden finials two each coil, so that the exterior can also look fab.

Z-up tents
Crude white artificial materials. Very easy to erect. Offered in 2 sizes, 3 x 3m and 3 x 6 m. These tents can also be put together and f.example be used as cover between house and the tent where the party is held.

Wooden floor
Mahogany plywood that has been lacquered and assembled in sections. This floor compensate for the small irregularities in the lawn. It gives a beautiful and a perfect dancing floor.

Illumination in the tent
The lamps are mounted on the tent posts and lights up the (tents) ceiling, town Which you get a cozy indirect lighting.

We deliver all the tableware in a very lovely quality. See pictures and prices of the various products on the "Order Online" page, or call us for further information.

Coffee table diameter of 0.80 m. Height 70 cm. or 110 cm. Our round tables are 1:40 m in diameter and can seat 8 people Our rectangular tables are offered in 3 sizes: 100 x 85 cm can seat 4 people 150 x 85 cm can seat 6 people 200 x 85 cm can seat 8 people.

Table-cloths and Napkins
White Napkins and "Damask" table clothes that fits all our table sizes. We can also offer "Duni" Paper Napkins.

Golden and White banqueting chairs with elegant seat pad - choose between golden, red, black and blue. Chairs two arrows with seat and back in light birch wood and light colored folding chairs with "Viennese plait" on seat and back.

Flower decoration
We offer our clients tailor-made flower decorations in various sizes and colors ready to put directly on the tables. We likewise offer wedding bouquet bridesmaid bouquet, bridesmaid flower, baskets and flowers for button holes. See: Small selection of what we can offer during the "Flower decorations".

Besides all above mentioned, we offer: Drought Beer Works, Jukebox, red runners, Oriental carpets, coffee machines, refrigerators, candle lights, garden torches and handmade seating cards.

For heating the tent or rooms: We can provide gas cooker and oil radiators.